Toshiba 2.4TB 2.5" SAS 12Gbps 10.5K Enterprise Hard Drive (AL15SEB24EQ)

Toshiba's Enterprise Performance Hard Drive - AL Series delivers high storage densities with rapid data transfer speed, backed up by a 5-year warranty. You can trust the AL Series to deliver day in and day out, 24/7, even in the most demanding high-performance server and storage systems. Especially when traffic is high, the hard drives have the speed needed to perform simultaneous transactions smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, proprietary technologies like the Toshiba Persistent Write Cache Technology and crypto options provide the assurance that your data will stay in safe hands.
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24/7 operation: Supported
Interface: 12 Gbit/s SAS
Warranty: 5 Years
Form Factor: 2.5-inch
Rotational Speed: 10500 RPM
Average Latency: 2.86 MS
Buffer Size: 128 MB
Workloads: 550 TB/year
MTTF: 2000000 hours
Capacity: 2.4TB
Rashi Part SKU: AL15SEB24EQ